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Halal Garlic Oil Softgels - for Heart Health

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Garlic Oil   
60 x 10mg softgels

The garlic bulb, the only edible part of the plant, consists ofnumerous sections called cloves, which contain a volatile oil valuable inherbal medicine and in culinary dishes. Garlic has been used as a food andmedicine for thousands of years and has many scientifically-proven medicinalproperties.

Potential Uses:


High Cholesterol andHigh Blood Pressure


Common Cold



Intestinal Parasites

60 x 10mg soft gels. Each softgel is equivalent to 1000mg of freshgarlic bulb.

100% Halal. See reverse label onimages for full ingredients and further information. Packed in handy, stayfresh pouches ... trendy, practical and easy to take on the go. Also letterboxfriendly enabling you to save money on postage!


AtHerbal Traditions, we specialise in food supplements, based primarily on naturalfoods, which are 100% halal. We believe passionately that customers should beable to access products which meet their needs not only in terms oftheir health, but also their faith.

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