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Tuscan Style Vegetable Serving Bowl - Hand Painted with Olives & Garlic - Casino

Place of Origin Pottery Glass
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   Today I have up for consideration a Tuscan Style - Vegetable - Serving Bowl. This bowl is 2-1/4" tall & 8-1/2" in diameter. This bowl is Hand Painted & has a light Brown - Cream Color background with a Jar, Olives & Garlic. This piece is trimmed in Dark Brown. This piece is made of a Stoneware - Pottery material.  This piece comes from the Muckleshoot Casino.

This piece is marked - Muckleshoot Casino



The History of the Muckleshoot Tribe

The Muckleshootare a LushootseedNativeAmerican tribe, part of the Coast Salish peoplesof the Pacific Northwestwhose traditional territory and reservations is located in the area of Auburn, Washington,between Seattle and Tacoma. Theyare the descendants of various tribal groups, which included the Duwamish,Skopamish, Smulkamish, Stkamish, Tkwakwamish, Yilalkoamish, and Snoqualmietribes. Traditionally, the Muckleshoots lived along the eastern shores ofWashington States Puget Sound regionand the adjacent rivers of the Cascade Range. They spoke Whulshootseed, a local form of Lushootseed; most Muckleshoots today do notspeak their ancestral language. Although they were skilled hunters, salmon fishing was the mainstay of traditional Muckleshootlife. Salmon was gathered and cured, and very often traded with other peoplesalong the coast and inland. Salmon was treated with reverence, which continuesuntil this day. In the elaborate First Salmon Ceremony, which is stillobserved, the entire community shares the flesh of a Spring Chinook, thenreturns its remains to the river where it was caught, so that it can inform theother fish of how well it was received.With a seemingly endless supply of food,the Muckleshoots could engage in various crafts, including weaving,wood-carving, and basket-making. A complex social structure also emerged,consisting of a nobility, middle class, and slaves, generally captured members of othertribes. Muckleshoot life changed radically as a result of first encounters withEuropean and American traders and explorers. Lacking immunity to the newcomersdiseases, the population was decimated by the mid-nineteenth century. At thesame time, amicable relations with American settlers deteriorated as whitesbegan claiming choice land for themselves. In a last-ditch attempt to stem thetide of white colonization, the Muckleshoots aligned themselves with otherlocal peoples in the Puget Sound IndianWar (1855–1856). Upon their defeat, they were forced into a tinyreservation, where they absorbed remnants of other tribes, thereby increasingtheir numbers slightly. The Muckleshoot Indian tribe were originally from Pateros, Washington.

   Pre- owned condition. This piece comes from a private collector & has been on display in a smoke free home. This piece has no chips, cracks or repairs. Please look at the pictures - they are part of the description!

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